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Become a real
product-led company

​I've spent the past 20 years focusing on closing the gap between Product Management best practices and their real-world adoption in fast growing product teams.

Working with Product Leaders and CEOs from global tech companies, I have elaborated my own way to create easily scalable, high-standard product teams and teaching them simple methods to create impacting products.


​Are you a Product Leader or a Startup Founder who struggles with introducing and scaling good Product Management across the company?

​Do you have questions that go beyond what's written in books, blogs, or stories told at conferences? Something like:

  • How to turn best practices into a real, impact-driving system for your PMs? 

  • Does your startup need PMs? And if yes, how to go from 0 to 1 PM?

  • What is the best setup for your product teams?

  • How do you avoid product and sales teams rowing in opposite directions?

  • How to launch your next key, hard features and get the most results?

  • What changes you need, as you scale from 10 to 50 product teams?

  • How do you shape and run an OKR process that actually works?

  • How do you create a strategy that drives your product teams' actions?

  • How to setup a product discovery process for a team of 15? And for 50? And 500+?

  • How product-led growth can help boost your acquisition and monetization?

  • How do you correctly evaluate your Product Managers?

  • Is it possible to turn so-so Product Managers into good PMs?

You’ve come to the right place!

Get hands-on help to build, setup and run 
high-impact product teams


Interim CPO

Hiring a CPO but cannot wait for months? Is your VP Product on maternity leave? Want a try-before-you-buy CEO? 

I can onboard real quick and lead your product teams full time for a period of 3+ months.

With the option to hire me permanently after the interim period, or I can help you select and onboard your future CPO.



Scaling is hard and even the best can benefit from who's been there before.


Work side by side with me on your Product Management challenges.

From assessing your product teams to improving the way they work across the entire company, I will help you drive real, measurable impact.

For info get in touch at



Get regular advise on your daily product work, helping you tackle your current issues in practice by leveraging a wealth of two decades of product experience.


Grow with continuous follow-ups on your progress and improvements.

Only available for founders, CEOs, and product leaders.

What's new?

What people say


Damian Brhel

Founder at BrandEmbassy (now NICE inContact)

“Paolo coached me on framing our company strategy, building effective product roadmaps that don't lie and aligning strategy to execution with OKRs. He was key to onboarding our first Head of Product and guided the company until the acquisition. I personally enjoyed Paolo’s nice and friendly approach very much.”


Peter Komornik

CEO at Slido

“Paolo is a true expert in modern Product management and it was a pleasure working with him. I was blown away how quickly he was able to develop a deep understanding of our organization and identify weak spots in our system. I’d

recommend Paolo to any company trying to build a world-class product organization.”


Filip Hlinka

Head of Product
at MSD-Merck Innovation Labs

“Paolo is one of the best if not the best representative of modern Product Management in Europe. He keeps himself on top of  the industry trends, has broad experience with variety of companies and clients and that’s why he was able to help our product team easily implement change and new practices.”

Ready to chat about your product team?

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