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Paolo Lacche

Scaling Product Teams

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Paolo is a Product Executive and Coach who helps companies scaling product teams and achieving impact.

He serves as Adj. Professor of Product Management at the VSE University of Economics, Prague, as well as an executive Product Management Coach for the Haas School of Business, Berkeley and instructor at the INSEAD Product Management Executive Programme.

Paolo teaches fast growing, international startups and bigger organizations how to practically define and scale their product-related processes, including OKRs, product discovery and agile delivery.

Besides coaching, Paolo has extensive experience building and leading high-impact product teams at scale as Head of Product at Home Credit InternationalKiwi.comMicrosoft, Hewlett-Packard and Skype, were he's been leading digital consumer products for hundreds of millions of users and B2B products used by Fortune 500 companies.

His recent coaching clients include managers from Google, Salesforce, Airbnb and other global tech companies. He also helped scaling Product Management for European and Silicon Valley companies like Slido, BrandEmbassy,, Liftago, Code Fresh and MSD-Merck Digital Innovation.

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