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Product Leader | Instructor | Coach
Paolo Lacche

Product Therapy 

Product Therapy is a new format of interactive events for PMs where product experts answer your practical questions. No blah blah. Actionable take-aways. Guaranteed!
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27 May 2021, 14:00 CEST
13:00 EST
In this therapy session, we will focus on OKRs and how to get them right. How many times have you tried implementing by-the-book solutions and did not work? Or nobody followed your OKRs in the company? Sign up and start typing your questions in, we have an answer to help!
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Your host: Paolo Lacche

Paolo is product executive and coach who helps companies scaling high-standard product teams. He served as Head of Product at and led products at Microsoft and HP. Paolo teaches as Professor of Product Management at the VSE University of Economics, Prague, and works as Executive PM Coach for the Haas School of Business, Berkeley.

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